The Evolution of Beach Fashion

Looking at pictures in the past of people on the beach compared to today, you’ll probably notice that beach fashion has most definitely changed and evolved over the years. From bathing suit styles to what we wear on our feet, it’s safe to say that today’s beach fashion is definitely a lot more stylish and full of variety. Nowadays beachwear designers offer all sorts of beach attire including bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis, tunics, cover-ups, beach dresses, caftans, and even beach pants. A few decades ago, you definitely would not have found these items on a beach let alone available in stores.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Years ago, not many people were overly worried with having a bathing suit that made them stand out on the beach or having a sundress that matched their bikini. It’s safe to say that life was a bit simpler and though simple is never a bad thing, simple can get quite boring for some people, especially in today’s world. For this reason alone, beach goers nowadays love the opportunity to pick and choose between hundreds of different beach fashion items.

Variety is what allows beach lovers to stand out amongst each other, and with so many options, all beach-goers are bound to find the perfect beachwear to complete their days under the sun.

Adding More Style with Accessories

Not only are there assortments of bathing suits and beachwear items, beach goers can also buy beach fashion accessories including beach hats, sunglasses, and even luxurious beach towels. With so many options to choose from, the beach has become a serene environment that is laced with all sorts of fashion statements.

A Sometimes Forgotten Accessory

With your best bathing suit on and the perfect cover-up to match, you’re probably not worried about much else. One accessory that many beach-goers tend to undermine is their beach towel! A stylish beach towel can make a great statement along with your bathing suit and accessories. Beach towels also make for the perfect impromptu blanket to relax on the golden sands.

Though a towel may be just a towel for some people, these people have never taken a Turkish towel to the beach, one of the latest and greatest beach accessories that really helps you to enjoy your beach experience that much more! Turkish towels are superior to normal beach towels in the fact that they are:

  • Much more luxurious than cotton towels
  • Larger than most beach towels
  • Extremely soft and fluffy
  • Able to soak up a lot of moisture
  • Designed to dry quickly
  • Handmade with durable stitching
  • Available in a wide variety of colors

So, if you have a brand new swimsuit , the perfect sunglasses, and a hat to keep the sun out of your face, top off your new beach fashion with a Turkish towel. These towels are perfect for days at the beach and with one use, you’ll realize that normal cotton towels are a beach accessory of the past!

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