The Turkish Towel Train

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

If the old saying is true then we at Turkish-T should be very flattered.

Several years ago we brought the first shipment of authentic hand loomed Turkish Towels to the American market. Already popular in Europe with the young beach going community, these towels had not made their way across the pond and into American boutiques.

To be truthful, these were a revised version of the hammam spa towel, loomed the old fashioned way but hand-made in a more contemporary style.

I loved these thin brightly colored cloth towels but knew it would be a transition for the American consumer to re-think the “terry towel.” After all, there are some things even this “Enviro Friendly Gal” cannot go without.

So we test marketed the towels to a fresh young couple with South African roots who had just opened a retail store here in Nashville, Tennessee. We shared a love of continental hand crafted items and after a few conversations, my first shipment was featured in their store Ash Blue.

Ok, full disclosure says the owner does happen to be my first cousin. As any storeowner knows, relatives’ wares on consignment in their stores can be a “Royal Pain” and I assure you, I was no different. But I believed in these little towels and fortunately, they did too.

So this my friends is how the Turkish Hammam Spa Towel with Fringe tassels made their way to boutiques in the United States. This and a little help from our friend, Gwyneth Paltrow and her style setting blog Goop, aided in launching Turkish-T into the American market.

Fast forward to today and Google Turkish Towels. You will not find us at the top of the list where we once sat for years. In fact, we were the only ones on the list for some time. Look today and you will find every major linen company, home goods company, and even a few international companies, all jockeying for the tag line Turkish Towels.  You will see Macy’s, West Elm, ABC Carpet, and many other companies much bigger and more powerful than mine jumping on the original or “not so original” Turkish Towel Train.

We love bringing you the best quality, Turkish bath towels at the best price, designed in the freshest styles in wonderful different organic weights of cotton and linen. We “play” hard with these beautiful textiles, working directly with the local Turkish looming community to tweak these towels making them just right for you.

While I guess I am flattered, I would rather follow the adage, “accept no limitations.”

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